SMOK Vaporizer – A Comparison Between The SMOK XPERIA X and the NOVO X Kits

SMOK Novo X Kit from Samsung is the latest upgrade of the popular Novo series. With a stylish, compact, and lightweight design, it’s the perfect mobile for travelers. Powered by a 800mAh battery, it also has a flexible output selection of 1-charging, low-voltage, and high-voltage chargers. And it uses a sensitive, durable, and replaceable cause mechanism to provide you with a handy advantage in your travel.

The most outstanding advantage of the SMOK Kit series is its convenience. It has no power cable, so it’s easier to use than its predecessors, which had an easily installed but bulky power cable. It even has an integrated voltage regulator. This means that the power supplied to the device is consistent whether you charge it overnight or while you’re on the go. Even better, the LED display offers bright and easy readability even during travel.

smok novo x

Another great advantage of the SMOK Novo X is that it features a two-screen interface and an easy to use, direct ventilated, ribbed stainless steel case. Smok’s previous portable devices such as the Nova Shield and now the SMOK Novo X has an excellent protection against dust, dirt, and even against the UV rays of the sun. In addition, the air flow channels help to maintain good room temperature because they are located at the top and bottom of the battery section. This allows the device to remain cooler even when the battery is fully charged. The airflow channels let warm air out and keep the device’s temperature steady no matter what the ambient temperature is.

The now x has an in-built auto draw fan that operates both the fans and the vents for efficient ventilation. It’s extremely quiet, so you can carry it around with you wherever you go. It’s also very efficient and powerful. With its two power outputs, you can choose how much power your power hungry device needs. The high-powered output keeps the device cool when the temperature gets too hot and the lower output setting provides sufficient power for normal user activities.

The Vaping Fun Duo, or the SMOK XPERIA X Starter Kit, is another feature rich vaporizer from Smoktech. Like the novo series, this vaporizer offers an advanced auto draw ventilation system, a two-handle digital menu, and it has an interchangeable glass bowls that are dishwasher safe. The vapor output is adjusted through a digital control dial. It also includes a convenient carrying case and an instructional booklet.

The move on kit comes with three replacement parts: the thermometer (for measuring the exact temperature), the humidistat, and the air stone. The air stone can be used to add controlled humidity into the air or to improve the flavor of the final product. The humidistat can be used to regulate the speed at which the water evaporates and also to control the boil time. The thermometer provides precise temperature readings, while the humidistat helps maintain the right temperatures for perfect airflow through the auto-draw system.

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