Get Along Well With Pets

Look, the Teddy dog ​​with only brown-red hair and basking in the sun is my pet. It is called “chocolate”. It has brown curls, big eyes, small flat mouth and small and flexible limbs. Let’s talk about my story and it.

I remember that afternoon, I met Chocolate. This is a puppy only two months old, with brown-red hair curled up, round eyes shining, and limbs constantly shaking. I looked at it with excitement, but it looked at me timidly. I wanted to pick it up, but I was at a loss and didn’t know where to start. My father said, “Just hold his belly!” I lifted his belly with both hands and hugged it into my arms, feeling it trembling all over. I think he just left his mother and came to a new environment. When he saw strangers, he was scared.

Since then, the first thing I do when I go home from school every day has become a dog hunt! It keeps changing the location of “hide and seek”: sometimes under the sofa, sometimes under the coffee table, sometimes hiding in the shoes… It’s really difficult and easy to change. We found it with great pains, but it looked for the next hidden spot as if nothing had happened. It was really dumbfounding!

We prepared a doghouse for it, and the days of “peek-a-boo” are finally over, but it can drive me crazy. It knocked over all the trash cans in the house, tore the toilet paper to pieces and threw it everywhere. When we got home, it ran forward happily to greet us, but ignored the mess. We looked at the messy home, but there was nothing we could do. It didn’t understand when we spoke to it, and it was reluctant to hit it. After I checked it on the Internet, I found out that the dog was very lonely at home. He wanted the owner to accompany him, so he scattered the paper with the smell of the owner in the house so that it felt that the owner was at home. After we understand this, we will accompany it on walks and play games every day, so that it will not be as lonely as before.

Later, our family bought a dog cage, so the problem came again. Chocolate doesn’t want to go into the dog cage. If we force it into it, it will bark and bark and make people unable to sleep. How to do it? I think that although a dog cannot speak, it can understand people’s meaning from their attitude and tone. I took advantage of this feature. Every morning when I needed it to enter the cage, I stroked its back and said softly to it: “Go into the cage, we will let you out when we get home.” “Crying, reluctantly entered the dog cage.

The story of chocolate’s growth is colorful, and it is bound to encounter various difficulties in its growth, and we have solved these problems together. Isn’t this all the result of careful observation, care, and patience?

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